1978-06-26 Pavillon De Paris, Porte de Pantin, Paris, France

Date : 1978-06-26
Concert : Pavillon De Paris, Porte de Pantin, Paris, France
Source : Audience
Songs : 13
Lossless : Yes

Concert in France , in Paris.
The venue doesnt exist anymore being replaced by another one named 'the Zenith'

Informations about the setlisting :

01-positive vibration 4:59
02-burning and lootin' 5:33
03-them belly full 3:24
04-rebel music 5:24
05-war-no more trouble 5:34
06-running away-crazy baldhead 6:24
07-i shot the sheriff 4:23
08-no woman no cry 7:02
09-is this love 5:33
10-jamming-crowd applause 10:23
11-punky reggae party 5:48
12-get up stand up 5:06
13-exodus 8:42

Additional Informations And Comments:

- The Soundboard was partially used into the Babylon By Bus Official Live album

- Original Photography by Christian Rose , his own website is here : christian-rose-photo.com

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