1979-11-03 Ottawa Interview And Soundcheck

Interviewer : Lionel Bingie Barker
Date : 1979-11-03
Location : Ottawa , Canada
Duration : 42mn
Interviewer Web : www.myspace.com/bingiebarker

Interviewer is Lionel ‘Bingie’ Barker, to whom i wants to salute the memory.
He was one of the first person to answer my questions and query back in 2004.

Barker was a teenager during the era of the highly competitive outdoor sound systems, which blazed music on Kingston streets.
He rarely missed a live concert and, influenced by the performances of local and foreign artists
Barker formed a trio, ‘Bingie and the Astronaughts’, in 1968.

Barker immigrated to Canada in 1972 to attend Algonquin College of Arts, Science and Technology,
and soon joined the Sound of Freedom band as lead vocalist.

The group performed alongside an array of international artists including The Fabulous Five and Inner Circle.

Barker was also a radio deejay, and hosted the only Afro/Caribbean program being broadcast in 1979.

In November of that year, Barker had the opportunity to meet Bob Marley while The Wailers were touring Canada.
Barker’s interview with Bob Marley has been aired annually on Cable Channel 22 in Ottawa since 1981

Informations about the setlisting :

01-interview 0:58
02-wake up and live 4:51
03-interview 1:58
04-crazy baldhead 4:52
05-interview 2:52
06-positive vibration 0:48
07-interview 7:45
08-runnin' away 14:21
09-interview 4:10

Additional Informations And Comments:

- This video document in his integral part was aired several time in canadian television broadcast like on TV12 channel.
- Sequence of this documentary were used in VH1 music television channel documentaries over the years.

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