2012 - Bob Marley : The Making Of A Legend - Trenhorn Production

Title : Bob Marley : The Making Of A Legend
Editor : Trenhorn Production
Date : 2012
Directors : Esther Anderson , Gian Godoy
Audio : English
Audio Format : Stereo
Video Format : 4:3
Region : All Zone
Lenght : 96 mn
Catalogue Number : SGDVD070

DVD documentary released in 2012 by Trenhorn Production.
Directors being Esther Anderson , Gian Godoy.

This document came from a very long way. It was presummed lost.

Once the reels being discovered again by Jemery Marre inside a Garage
it's since won several documentary festival prices in 2011/2012 all over the world.

Esther Anderson , actress, model , worked with Island Records
and was close to Bob Marley And The Wailers during 1973.

Her work as photographer being used onto Catch A Fire, Burnin' Albums.

She gave the photographies rights to the Wailers at this time,
for nothing but to help them.

The 'Bob Marley Making Of A Legend' documentary , who's lasting for about 96 mn.
is showing you , an inner views, no others documentary being able too.

The highlights being Bob Marley , Peter Tosh reasoning together , in front of the camera.
a footage from 1973. Absolutely stunning.

There's also the famous rehearsals from 1973 , where Peter Tosh , Bob Marley , Bunny Wailers
sings songs like 'Grow Closer Together, Nice Time', and this is in good quality unlike inside others footages.

For the record, Bob Marley and Esther Anderson meets in 1972 , in New York.
They keeps a strong link between them for years.

The rest of the story is inside the documentary :).

im inviting you to read a review wrote by Lisa Petros-Koumi here

Additional Informations and Comments :

- Excellent documentary.

- Bob Marley : The Making Of A Legend At ITunes.

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