2000-07-07 Bob Marley Live! - Mitsuhiro Sugawara

Title : Bob Marley Live!
Author: Mitsuhiro Sugawara
Publisher : Bob 21 Project
ISBN : -

Misuhiro Sugawara was lucky enought to attend the Bob Marley And The Wailers tour dates in Japan in 1979.
'it was like a light from the gods was emanating from this man soul' .

This photo book, in Japanase language being the second edition, first edition released in 1998 , second in 2000.

The book including 28 Photos A4 Format , 4 in colors, the others in black and white.

Mitsuhiro Sugawara 2010 interview link in japanese from Bomboombash dot com

Additional Information :

- purely fantastic, hard to find outside of Japan.

- Personal Thanks to Kazuki Nakamura from coco isle music market japan.

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