2012 - Reggae Vinyls - Bruno Blum

Title : Reggae Vinyls
Author: Bruno Blum
Publisher : Edition Stephane Baches
ISBN : 0978-2-35752-153-7
Year : 2012

A book released in France , 265 pages , by Bruno Blum.

Bruno Blum, one of the ones behind the 'Complete Wailers' series back in the days. He was a journalist, who interviewed Peter Tosh in London in 1978.

He was also involved in a large amounts of books, published in France about reggae music
and was involved into making a documentary in Jamaica in 1995.
The Book is cut in chapters :

01-avant propos , c'est quoi le reggae ?
02-introduction reggae vinyls
03-revivalisme, transe , possesion, gospel, folk (1952-1977)
04-ska (1962-1966)
05-rocksteady (1965-1968)
06-early reggae (1968-1972)
07-roots reggae (1969-1981)
08-vocal harmonies groups
09-dub (1972-1983)
10-roots reggae deejays (1969-1979)
11-bob marley 1962-1980
12-dub plates , specials et maxi 45 tours
13-reggae au Royaume Uni
14-dancehall singers
15-dancehall dj
16-digital singers
17-digital dj

There's a whole chapters about The Wailers.

For the record, inside the book you'll see photo of the vinyls, in colors.

Additional Informations And Comments :

- Very interesting

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