2013 - Bob Marley And The Wailers 1973-1976 - Lee Jaffe & Jeremie Kroubo Dagnini

Title : Bob Marley And The Wailers 1973-1976
Authors : Lee Jaffe & Jeremie Kroubo Dagnini
Publisher : Camion Blanc
ISBN : 978-2-35779-273-9
Year : 2013

Book released in France, in 2013, 297 pages.

Jeremie Kroubo Dagnini being a reggae music lovers, sound system expert.

In the past he authored 2 others books : 'Les origines du Reggae : Retour aux sources' in 2013
and 'Vibrations Jamaicaines' in 2011

Lee Jaffe, author of 'One Love: Life With Bob Marley and the Wailers ' in 2004.
American born, he meet Bob Marley in 1973 and spent more than 2 years with The Wailers then later was involved with Peter Tosh

He was the one who played harmonica at Chicago's Quiet Knight Club 1975, you can see him as well on stage at Central Park 1975 in the 'Marley 2012' bonus.

He was also the one who released 'Hope Road Jam' , 'Days At The Fall' videos as internet download , on Altnet in the years 2000

The book being cut into chapters :

- Remerciements de Lee Jaffe
- Dedicace de Lee Jaffe
- Preface DE Jeremie Kroubo Dagnini
- Premiere partie : L'Avant Bob Marley
- Deuxieme partie : 1973 La rencontre avec Bob Marley et l'arrivée en Jamaique
- Troisieme partie : la vie au sein des Wailers
- Quatrieme partie : les premieres tournées americaines des Wailers
- Cinquieme partie : 1976 Legalise It
- Epilogue : Le retour aux Etats-Unis
- References Bibiographiques
- Index

The Book including photos took by Lee Jaffe.

Additional Informations And Comments :

- Thanks to Jeremie Kroubo Dagnini

- www.leejaffe.com

- The book providing a nice inner views of the Wailer Band

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