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they should not be seen as a fac-simile in any ways, but more likely as a work in progress (w.i.p)

The informations inside those pages represents a lots of my freetimes, spent inside public library,websites,books,various talks with fans.

Nothing strictly nothing inside this website is for sales purposes, i cant be more clear than that, dont bother asking i do not gonna reply.

I claims the fair use policy who allow me to comments,give input, talks,presents the official products (cd and videos).

Regarding videos please note that i do not support piracy in any ways and forms, nothing can be downloaded , i do NOT spread,diffuse anything.

About photography, if a photographer do not want his work to be mentionned inside this website (links to his website,mention of his name)
just contact me and i gonna remove the afford mentionned work from the website.the email contact is inside every pages

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I dont mind at all if material coming from this site is being used, just put mention to the source, as i do with any material i used, use and will be using

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