1978-07-02 Interview With Lise Foss, NRK Television, Norway

Interviewer : Lise Foss / Norsk Rikskringkasting (NRK)
Date : 1978-07-02
Location : Norway
Duration : 1:00mn

Interview with Bob Marley, in Norway, The Wailers played at Horten Festival that year 1978.

Inside this wonderful document , Bob Marley said 'life is stronger than death'

This document recorded in 1978, was aired in 1979 and more recently as well.

it should be noted that The Wailers performance at Horten is still nowdays on the top 10 of the NRK television ranking

Additional Informations And Comments :

- be sure to check the original link here from NRK (its in original language, just scroll down) : http://www.nrk.no

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