1978-11-19 Interview Patrice Blanc-Francart, Paris Hilton Hotel, France

Interviewer : Patrice Blanc-Francart
Date : 1978-11-19
Location : Paris Hilton Hotel, France
Duration : 5:00mn

Interview in Paris, conducted by Patrice Blanc-Francart, famous french music journalist and writer.

This interview was done for the television program named 'Chorus'.

Bob Marley was being asked questions about how did the wailers started in music, he replyed with the help of Joe Higgs.
then he's talking about Babylon By Bus album.
He's also explaining what it is of 'being a rasta'

He's also answering about violence

Additional Informations And Comments :

- This interview was aired in french television and now part of the INA Vaults

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