1978-06-09 Interview With Sandie Rinaldo, CTV, Canada

Interviewer : Sandie Rinaldo
Date : 1978-06-09
Location : CTV Studio, Canada
Duration : 7:00mn

Interview done for CTV , Canada television program.

This one being perhaps the most shocking interview with Bob Marley.

This interview , sequences of it were used inside various documentaries , 'spiritual journey', 'carribean nights' to name a few.

During this interview, conducted by Sandie Rinaldo, Bob Marley was kinda under attack by subjects and questions such as :

'rastafarians had a very bad reputation, jamaicans were famous for the trafficking of marijuana,his own appearance was kinda strange.'

To all of this, Bob Marley , and Don Taylor being backstage, replyed with a smile and real teaching.

Additional Informations And Comments :

- one if not the most famous interview but not for the content but for the 'tone' used..

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