1979-11-05 Interview With Jay Strausser , WRUV Radio, Burlington, Vermont

Host : Jay Strausser
Date : 1979
Location : Burlington, Vermont
Songs : One Drop, Africa Unite, Thank You Lord, Hypocrites
Duration : 25:00mn

Bob Marley Interview with Jay Strausser, interview during the Survival Tour 1979.

The interview starts with a mention to the next show , in Philadelphia.

Bob Marley being asked about the meaning of the 'One Drop' in wich he replyed 'its the teaching of his majesty'.
He's being asked about his trip to Africa.

On this interview Bob Marley is with Neville Garrick

Bob Marley and Neville being asked about how they found the last night show who was :
1979-11-04 Memorial Auditorium, Burlington, Vermont, USA

He's being asked about the origin of 'Thank You Lord', the original Wailers, and if Peter Tosh , Bunny Wailer and Bob Marley will be playing together again,
he replyed 'After the revolution'.

Bob Marley being asked about 'fusion of reggae music and disco'

in wich he replyed : 'reggae music is the only music who speaks the truth, naturally.'

During the interview, the following songs were played :

One Drop, Africa Unite, Thank You Lord, Hypocrites

Additional Informations And Comments :

Jay Strausser will do in 1980 one of the latest interview with Bob Marley.

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