1980-11-05 Last American Interview with Jay Strausser, Via Phone, WRUV FM, Burlington, Vermont, USA

Interviewer : Jay Strausser
Program Name : Trenchtown Rock Experience
Date : 1980-11-XX
Location : Via Phone , WRUV FM, Burlington , Vermont, Usa
Duration : 16mn
Interviewer Web : www.vermontguides.com

This interview being the last interview with an american journalist to be know widely.
It was done just few days before Robert Nesta Marley took a fly to Germany

Bob Marley talks about various things such as 'the music style in the 60's in Jamaica', 'his own early songs "wings of a dove"'.

He did talk about 'his time with C.Dodd', he mention 'King Tubby' , there's talks about the albums 'Catch A Fire' and 'Burnin'
and the that he spent in England in 1973.

Bob Marley claims : 'this music can never die'.
he's also saying that a 'lot of sounds had been lost in the studios'

he did mention 'the impact of reggae in England ', 'peter and bunny', 'differences from american music and england music'

Bob Marley talks about his first date with Bruce Springsteen.in 1973.

Bob Marley stating that he will be back around April of the next year, 1981.

"i really appreciate you are taking the time to answer because i know you been busy
i hope your trip to Germany will be great man,i really love you man" comments by Jay Strausser ending this interview

"one love , one heart , one destiny" replyed Bob Marley

Additional Informations And Comments :

- A very special interview .

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