19XX - So Much Trouble in the World Demo-Interview

Interviewer : Mixed, Various
Date : 19Xx
Location : Various
Duration : 1 Cd
Songs Inclued : Yes

That stuff fit nowhere so i added it here because it's a mix of interviews and alternate song

01-so much trouble in the world intro -interview-so much trouble in the world cut 7:15
02-intro-discussion-award presentation and interview 11:18
03-interview -one drop-cut-interview-africa unite cut-interview 8:58
04-interview continues-thank you jah(Rita Marley)-hypocrites 8:54
05-interview continues... 3:18
06-interview continues 6:09
07-interview 2:01
08-interview 4:48

Additional Informations And Comments :

- track 01-'So much trouble' present in the 'time will tell'
- track 02 - 1978-06-15
- track 03-interview for Survival Tour from WRUV in Burlington Philadelphia
- track 03-interview with neville

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