1975-06-20 Interview With Fikisha Cumbo,Barbizon Plaza, New York City,USA

Interviewer : Fikisha Cumbo
Date : 1975-06-20
Location : Barbizon Plaza, New York City,USA
Duration : 53:00mn
Interviewer Web : www.caceinternational.com

About Fikisha Cumbo :

in 2002 she did wrote a very nice book , wich is hard to find nowdays :

Bob Marley & Peter Tosh Get Up! Stand Up! Diary of a Reggaeophile By Fikisha Cumbo.

Fikisha Cumbo was also the first american journalist to do an article on Peter Tosh featured inside a magazine.

Inside the interview Bob Marley answered questions about 'His Music' , 'Rock Music'
'His feeling about the direction music was going' at this time.

Additional Informations And Comments :

- Thanks to Miss Fikisha Cumbo who was one of the very first to answer my questions and query.
- The interview transcript was published inside : 1984- Bob Marley: Reggae King Of The World - Malika Lee Whitney And Dermott Hussey

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